Barry Wensel - Posted from The Leatherwall   
Gene and I went back into the bottom where he killed Woody the other  day. We commented it was kind of different not having to be concerned with  the way our scent was drifting and being able to basically talk quietly rather than  whisper. I have to admit it did feel a little different knowing he was not there  anymore. Not necessarily sad, but different. Woody1[1]Actually, I'm really looking  forward to next year. Woody was not the only big buck in the area. Last spring  we found the matched sheds of a 9x7 non-typical that appeared to be 3 1/2 or at  the most a 4 1/2 year old buck. I felt certain he should have been a B&C  class non-typical this last fall. The first week of November he chased a doe right under me. I had him standing at eight yards. But he apparently got the tar  beat out of him by (I assumed) Woody. His right main beam was snapped off just above the browtine. His left G3 and G4 were gone as well as the end of his left main beam. The only reason I recognized him was because of a uniquely shaped  flier coming off his left G2 the same as the year before and his unusually long  browtines. After I saw him I said to Gene I bet ol' Woody got his rack busted up somewhat in that battle. It was surprising to see Woody didn't have a single broken point.  So if the loser happens to come by me again next year... that'll  be just fine. 
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