Workmanship and Materials are guaranteed to the original owner only for 3 years.
 1st year is 100% on repair, replacement or refund at the discretion of the bowyer.
 2nd and 3rd year if repairs cannot be made, replacement will be prorated from the date of purchase,
 All bows are built to use Flemish spliced Fastflite, 450+, 8125, or equal with built up loops

 100% on repair, replacement, or refund at the discretion of the bowyer.

Any of the following will VOID warranty:

If you abuse or alter the bow in any way.Always use a bow stringer to ensure your safety and not to void your Bow’s Warrantee.Loops MUST be built up on strings.Never leave your bow strung in direct sunlight, in a car, truck, a truck cab, or any place that is Hot or Humid!

ILF Limbs Void 

If Risers 15” or less have limb pad angles less and 17 degree. 17” less then 15 degree. Ask your riser manufacturer about this angle.

Deposit and Refund Policy

On new custom built bows $250 deposit on bows ordered. $150 nonrefundable on custom bows after production of the bow has begun. After shipping: 75% of the bow plus options price on custom built bows. 100% of the bow price on a standard bow.  You must notify Morrison Archery LLC. within 3 days from delivery by phone 740-587-0368one. 740-587-0368

If you are going to buy limbs and or risers from different sources.

Be sure to check the alignment pins height and limb alignment pin depth before you try to mount the limbs and shooting them. if hole is not deep enough limbs will break at that point. Hole needs to be deeper or pins on riser need ground shorter. Limbs or riser bought from anyone other than Morrison Archery llc or our dealers are not Warranted ...If you don’t feel comfortable making the corrections yourself you can ship them to me and I will do them for you.