Bob Morrison’s early passion for bowhunting and appreciation for the outdoors ultimately led him to his current occupation of full-time bowyer. He began shooting a bow at age 14, when - like many parts of the country - there were virtually no deer in his home state of Ohio. Bob got serious about bowhunting in his early 20s finally taking a deer in 1975. In 1977 he scored on a second whitetail and hasn’t looked back - taking at least 1 deer every year since.

Bob has taken several other species with compound, recurve, and longbow. Black bears, hogs, and small game have fallen to his arrows. Bob recently remarked “I hunt Elk often . . . have yet to harvest one, but still trying and love being in Elk country.”

A home builder by trade, Bob built his first takedown recurve bow in 1989. 1996 was marked by the passing of Bob’s father and a decision to turn to his passion of building quality bows. In 2003 Bob traded one occupation for another and became a full-time bowyer. Today, Morrison Archery is not only known for it’s production of beautiful, high performance, traditional bows, but also for the personal and business integrity of Bob Morrison.

A few recent comments on Bob and his bows.